Bunny Fish is an episode of the show Untalkative Bunny. In this episode, Untalkative Bunny swims to an underwater arabesque when his apartment is flooded.


In an apartment of a block, we see some awards. Next we see another one, that has a flower on its inside. Emu is watering it with a watering can. Next, he lets it, so he can water it with a hose. Apparently, the hose makes the other apartment downside start flooding. At the beginning, Untalkative Bunny puts some buckets for the drops coming from the hole upside. Instead of it working, the apartment gets soon flooded. Then, we see him, starting acting like a fish. Many objects on his house start taking the shape of underwater animals. Squirrel watches the current state of Bunny's building and tries to catch him, by alluring him. That doesn't work. So, he goes into that underwater arabesque and opens the windows, so all the water can go away. After all that, Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel are eating together, when a drop falls to burn out the candle.



  • Changes - Mark Sanderson


Untalkative Bunny - Bunny Fish

Untalkative Bunny - Bunny Fish